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Hope for Shalom

Thank you for coming alongside HIV-affected families like Rea’s, showing the love and care of Jesus.

Love doesn’t need to speak the same language to bloom.

Such was the case in Rea* and Nadesh’s* romance.

When Rea, originally from Bangalore, India, moved to Delhi to enroll as a nursing student in 1996, her eyes were dedicated to her books. But when she met Nadesh, a driver from Punjab, intrigue took over. Though they spoke different languages, he pursued her and soon they were in love. Rea quit her nursing studies to marry Nadesh.

From Mountain High to Valley Low

“Life was so good,” Rea says, “We had everything we needed and we were happy.”

The couple dreamed of a beautiful future and looked forward to providing a good education for their two daughters.

But it all changed in 2007.

Both Rea and Nadesh were diagnosed with HIV. Shame, fear, and worry took root in their hearts. They determined not to tell their girls, and to instead try living as though everything was fine.

Then their disease wreaked havoc not only on their health, but their pocketbooks.

While they managed to hang on, they hit breaking point when Nadesh was later diagnosed with tuberculous meningitis. The couple finally told their daughters about their HIV, and after Nadesh’s death, the family fell into deep poverty.

No one was willing to help them.

Hope for Shalom was established in 2001 and has a range of community health programs to engage those on the margins in one of India’s largest cities. It strives to bring transformation and hope to the lives of people in Delhi and neighboring states who are infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. SIM partners with Shalom Delhi’s Home-Based Care (HBC) program, which is focused on prevention, care, treatment, and support services. In addition to supporting families coping with HIV/AIDS, HBC also contributes prevention efforts in Delhi and wider Ina.

Finally, Friends and Support

Just when Rea thought all hope was lost, someone referred her to Hope for Shalom.

The Hope for Shalom team visited Rea and her daughters, Fariha* and Jaya*, regularly to provide supportive care. Rea received medical treatment and the family humbly accepted food rations. The compassionate staff became their friends. Finally, things began looking up.

The family’s condition improved over time, and Fariha and Jaya were able to pursue their education. They take good care of their mother, tending to the details of her healthcare—down to her heart medication pill.

Today, Rea’s main concern is for her daughters’ futures, that they will find good men to marry. In the meantime, she lives one day at a time, going to church and standing strong in her faith in Jesus.

“He is living with me every day, all the time,” she says. “He said that He will never leave me. Though I am poor, Jesus is with me.”

Your generosity today reaches families like Rea’s with compassionate physical care and the eternal hope of Jesus.

Please prayerfully consider giving a gift to further impact the kingdom of God.

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