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Gearing Up for a Brighter Future

Thank you for influencing Fahmi’s life trajectory through SIM’s vocational training center for youth.

Fahmi* always had a thing for bikes…motor bikes. But what could’ve been a carefree childhood for the boy—full of hobbies and silly play—never came to be.

His family was poor; his father was a farmer and the family’s only breadwinner. But because his father struggled with kidney stones, he often couldn’t work.

Not only that, but Fahmi’s youngest brother, Elaf*, had an undiagnosed problem with his left leg. It was often too weak, restricting his ability to walk or even stand up.

These medical conditions drained the family’s finances as they pursued various medications. When their own resources ran out, they had to borrow from relatives.

Dreaming of a Better Life

When Fahmi hit 16 years of age, he was tired of feeling like a victim. He wanted to help his family, to put poverty behind them.

Looking ahead to his own future and wondering how he could help his father and brother in particular, Fahmi enrolled in SIM’s vocational training center for youth.

Living in the closed country that he does, Fahmi has seen firsthand how difficult it is for young Christian men to find jobs. He thought the vocational training center, which trains young men in both technical skills and spiritual ministry, could equip him for a brighter future.

Little did he realize he could study motorcycle repair. Immediately, his eyes lit up and he eagerly jumped into his studies. Is this what it felt like for a dream to come true?

Hope and Health Become Realities

Fahmi proved to be an excellent student. His report cards came back shining. And an interesting thing began happening among his family back on the farm…

The whole two years Fahmi studied at the center, his father did not feel any kidney stone pain. He was able to work each and every day.

And a year into the program, SIM workers hosted a medical camp where a doctor examined Elaf. The boy received medicine and learned physical exercises he could do on his own to strengthen his leg.

One year later, Elaf could stand up. And since their father has been working regularly, without the burden of paying for medications, he is able to buy new beds and clothes for the family.

“I did not have new clothes for many years,” Fahmi says. “I just got new clothes this year.”

Fahmi is certain God has blessed his family, especially in the two years he was studying at the SIM vocational center.

Fahmi graduated from the program and is now working in a motorcycle repair workshop. He earns a salary and gives money to his father. They are returning the borrowed money to their relatives.

“We are so happy,” Fahmi says. “We know God blesses our family.”

Your generosity today reaches young men like Fahmi with technical skills training and discipleship.

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