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From Directionless to Purpose-Driven

You’re helping Nasir find hope and training through SIM’s vocational training center for youth.

The number of young men attending local churches in Pakistan is dropping, especially among the less educated.

Nasir* was not one of them.

Though uneducated and without a regular job, he made a point to faithfully attend church. Even though he couldn’t read, hearing God’s Word fed his spirit as he wrestled with the meaning of life and where his future was headed.

One day, his pastor took note of the determination he spotted in the 17-year-old’s eyes, though the boy was hardly aware of his own resolve. The pastor thought Nasir would be a perfect candidate for attending SIM’s vocational training center for youth.

Nasir had never heard of the center, but checked it out and immediately enrolled in the tailoring track. He also signed up for language classes.

Today he is slowly reading through the Bible and is becoming discipled in God’s Word. He describes himself as a man of prayer.

In reflecting on his time so far in the program, Nasir says he’ll never forget the day God met him in a dream while he napped. He was overcome with God’s peace, and woke with confidence that God is with him. His fears about tomorrow dissolved.

Nasir aspires to open his own tailor shop when he finishes the program. He wants to glorify the Lord in his work and assist his pastor in whatever way he can.

Your generosity today helps young men like Nasir become equipped to embrace a successful future, secure in the Lord.

Please prayerfully consider giving a gift to further impact the kingdom of God.

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