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Hope for Shalom

Love doesn’t need to speak the same language to bloom. Such was the case in Rea* and Nadesh’s* romance. When Rea, originally from Bangalore, India, moved to Delhi to enroll as a nursing student in 1996, her eyes were dedicated…

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Gearing Up for a Brighter Future

Fahmi* always had a thing for bikes...motor bikes. But what could’ve been a carefree childhood for the boy—full of hobbies and silly play—never came to be. His family was poor; his father was a farmer and the family’s only breadwinner.…

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From Directionless to Purpose-Driven

The number of young men attending local churches in Pakistan is dropping, especially among the less educated. Nasir* was not one of them. Though uneducated and without a regular job, he made a point to faithfully attend church. Even though…

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