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“Can I ask you about Jesus Christ?”

Confused and curious, Lito asks Jacob question after question...

“My teacher, he is American,” says Lito* in his mother tongue. “I ask him lots of questions.”

Jacob, a SIM worker in an undisclosed country in South Asia, knows the local language and teaches English to the city’s inhabitants. He’s called to live among people who’ve never heard the gospel or who’ve never met a Christian. The opportunity to share the gospel makes him come alive.

“He speaks of confusing things,” Lito goes on. “And I want to know more.”

Sensing right and wrong

One thing that does not make sense to Lito is the unusual way Jacob and his family relate with one another. They do not fit the “Hollywood family mold” Lito sees on TV.

“Everyone is so messed up,” he says of TV characters. “So much immorality. But Jacob loves his wife. She loves him, too. They are committed, and they love their children. But the Christians on TV are awful.”

Understanding the United States to be a “Christian nation,” Lito assumes its movies and TV shows portray a Christian lifestyle.

“Not only is that confusing to him,” says Jacob, “but he also laments the realities of our town. It’s home to one of the largest brothels in the country. Countless vulnerable girls are falling victim to a vicious cycle and it’s nearly impossible for them to escape.”

Lito’s strong sense of right and wrong sets off his internal alarms.

“It’s hypocritical! Why should a brothel thrive here among worshipers of Allah?”

Burning with curiosity

Lito hangs out at Jacob’s home and sees a local-language Bible open on the coffee table.

“Can I ask you a question about Jesus Christ?” Lito asks.

And just like that, the door for the gospel swings wide open.

Jacob flips to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and proceeds to tell Lito about the one true God. The God who loves him deeply enough to die for him.

“Lito is contemplating forsaking all he’s ever known about religion and giving his heart to the Lord,” Jacob says. “I pray hard every day that God will soften his heart and move in him to receive the free gift of eternal life in Jesus!”

Thank you for helping reach the unreached with the gospel message!

Please join us in prayer:

  • PRAY for Lito’s salvation.
  • PRAY that God will multiply the efforts of Jacob and other SIM workers as they work to reach the unreached in this closed South Asia country.
  • PRAY that God will raise up more workers to live among Muslims and share His good news with them through one-on-one relationships.

By partnering with SIM, you share the gospel through one-on-one relationships with people who have never heard the gospel or met a Christian.

Please prayerfully consider giving a gift to the Transformational Education Center, where SIM workers like Jacob minister to the unreached, to further impact the kingdom of God.

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