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“Can I ask you about Jesus Christ?”

“My teacher, he is American,” says Lito* in his mother tongue. “I ask him lots of questions.” Jacob, a SIM worker in an undisclosed country in South Asia, knows the local language and teaches English to the city’s inhabitants. He’s…

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Finished With Fistula

Imagine being otherwise healthy, but with one problem. One uncontrollable, smelly, embarrassing problem: incontinence of either urine, stool, or both. This is obstetric fistula. It’s caused by a traumatic labor, ripping a hole in the woman’s bladder or rectum. It’s…

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Refugees. Together they form a massive crowd. This crowd becomes known as a number. This number gets to be so large, we can’t comprehend it. And a number is our ticket to overlooking people. Consider the 50,000 in Kakuma, a…

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