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Flawed Is Perfect

Sometimes love is messy…about as messy as a picnic. What do we do in America when we want to warmly welcome someone and build a friendship? We usually default to something involving food. Sharing a meal sets the table for…

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Standing For Freedom

“I can never say again, ‘Trafficking isn’t my problem.’ ” says Karine Woldhuis. No one would think she’d ever say that. Since she co-directs SIM’s For Freedom anti-trafficking and exploitation ministry, it seems human trafficking is, indeed, her problem. But, like so many…

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How Much Trauma Can a Soul Withstand?

 The year is 1989. The place: Liberia. And the scene, civil war. “We were all small children at the time,” says T. Abraham Browne. “The president was killed and there was rebels and all of that.” “And so we…

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