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Building a Team for Jesus

Josué has three major things in his life: Jesus Christ, his work, and his soccer ball

Josué lives in San Juan, one of the poorest parts of the Peruvian capital, Lima. His home is made of wood and mud and sits on the side of a hill.

He works nine-hour days, five days a week at a factory more than an hour away.

Like many Peruvian young men, he is passionate about soccer. Unlike many Peruvian young men, he is also passionate about Jesus.

Reaching Hearts Through Sports

A little over a year ago, Josué took part in a Sports Friends training program, which showed him how to share Jesus through his soccer ball.

He now runs a soccer team made up of players all close to him in age. They train three nights a week and on Saturdays. Every Sunday afternoon, they play a match.

The facilities are almost non-existent and the bumpy, unkempt field makes the games even more unpredictable than usual.

On top of that huge commitment to his team, Josué often opens his home on Friday evenings and invites his teammates to a Bible study.

SIM worker Matt Stone joined one of the studies. He said, “It was extremely simple, but that was all it needed to be. I think this is something that gets lost in our western culture of so much ‘stuff.’

“We only had one Bible between us, but Josué had prepared a few notes so he could teach his friends. None of the three players there owned a Bible, but they were welcome on a Friday night to learn.”

A Living Sacrifice

“Josué has effectively given up all of his free time to serve his team and bring the gospel into a place that had not been effectively reached,” said Matt.

“He is an example on the field of how to play for the glory of God. He prays before and after each training session and includes a small study of a verse or a topic.

“Just imagine…if those three were to become Christians, then the team will have even more of Jesus in it, increasing the likelihood of more players turning towards the light.”

Matt could see just how humbly Josué led the studies, patiently explaining to his teammates the hope he has in Jesus.

“Not many of his team follow Jesus yet,” said Matt. “But with contact five or six times a week, they are going to know about Him. Josué is being well supported by his church pastor and is the embodiment of a living sacrifice. He understands his life is not his life; it belongs to God. His time is not his time; it belongs to God.”

Your generosity today reaches young believers like Josué with training to help them share the eternal hope of Jesus with their communities.

Please prayerfully consider giving a gift to further impact the kingdom of God.

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