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Battling Bureaucracy to Serve the Sick

It took persistence to get the medical device Daniela desperately needed

Daniela lives deep in the Bolivian jungle. When the young girl was diagnosed with fluid on the brain, there was no medical facility near her home that could treat her.

The nearest hospital that could help was in the capital city of La Paz. But that meant a 15-hour bus trip over rugged jungle roads and treacherous mountain passes.

Daniela and her mother made that arduous journey three times for surgeries. Doctors would insert a tube to drain fluid from her head down into her abdomen.

Caught in Red Tape

She was in pain as she waited in the hospital for her third surgery. But the doctors could not operate because the medical valve she needed was not available in Bolivia.

Thankfully, missionaries on our team found a doctor in the U.S. who agreed to donate the valve and ship it. But the valve got hung up in Bolivian customs.

A SIM worker, who had visited Daniela and her mother regularly during their time in the hospital, sprang into action to contend with the bureaucracy. After many conversations and much persistence, authorities released the valve, and Daniela received the critical surgery.

Her Father’s Heart was Touched

Both Daniela and her mother, who were already believers, grew in faith during this ordeal. By God’s grace, Daniela’s father placed his faith in Jesus Christ for the first time.

Even though Daniela continues to encounter ongoing medical complications, she and her family trust that God’s grace is sufficient for whatever they might face in the future.

Your generosity today reaches hurting families like Daniela’s with support and encouragement in their times of most desperate need.

Please prayerfully consider giving a gift to further impact the kingdom of God.

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