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Like a Mission to the Moon

“I used to dream about becoming an astronaut,” says SIM worker Chris Zoolkoski. “But here, rather than exploring barren planets devoid of life, we get to venture into uncharted territories where there are living beings made in the image of…

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Loving Through the Lies

“YOU,” he gently but firmly places his hands on her shoulders and looks into her eyes, “are a precious child of God.” She looks away in shame, her past screaming silently within her, “Liar!” Ralph* re-situates himself in her line…

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“Why did God create me?”

“I am unwanted. Why did God create me?” Absco* speaks from her bed in the daytime shadows of her bedroom. “People in the community do not want to associate with us,” says her mother, Olivia.* “Some say it’s a generational…

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