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You and sports help bring the gospel to northern Nigeria

In the midst of Boko Haram, a man's dream gains traction

Northern Nigeria has gone through many challenges in recent years, and SIM has experienced those challenges alongside our brothers and sisters in the region. The threat of Boko Haram has dominated the 12 northern states that 50 million Muslims call home and has made active ministry in the area difficult.

But thanks to believers like Adamu*, northern Nigeria is changing.

A dream realized

Adamu was raised as a Muslim in northeastern Nigeria. When he became a Christian, he dreamed of using his love of sports to share the gospel with his community.

With the threat of Boko Haram creating a turbulent environment where displaced residents tentatively return but remain gripped by fear, Adamu noticed a common trend:

Muslims were coming to the church grounds to join friendly games of football and volleyball.

People were turning to sports as an outlet.

The church sought out training from SIM’s Sports Friends program to learn how to use sports as a tool for evangelism and discipleship…and

Adamu saw his dream materializing right before his eyes.

Mutually answered prayers

As SIM Nigeria was praying about how to engage in active ministry again in the northeast, Adamu was feeling led to leave his job and pursue full-time sports ministry.

Thanks to their partnership (and your support!), SIM Nigeria helped establish a Sports Friends discipleship center in a town that continues to be threatened by Boko Haram, with Adamu as the full-time coordinator.

Please join us in prayer:

  • PRAY for a dramatic decline in the hold Boko Haram has in the area and for protection against any further attacks by the militant group.
  • PRAY for this new ministry in northern Nigeria, for all who encounter it, and for Adamu as he leads.
  • PRAY for our SIM workers in northern Nigeria as they seek to serve millions of people in a hard place.

Your generosity today is bringing the gospel to places like northern Nigeria through SIM's Sports Friends ministry.

Please prayerfully consider giving a gift to further impact the kingdom of God.

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